The management of Constantino Gutiérrez, SA, aware of the characteristics of its industrial activity dedicated to the design, production and sale of fertilizers, as well as the risks inherent to it, assumes the following PRINCIPLES that conform its QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY to follow In our organization. Through it, I commit to the development and implementation of the Management System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

The implementation of this QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY aims not only to achieve the fulfillment of the expectations of our stakeholders and continuous improvement, but also to guarantee a high degree of protection to people, property and the environment , Through appropriate means, structures and management systems.

To achieve this, we must take into account that the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. In addition, it is imperative that the legal and regulatory requirements are known and applied.

Based on the QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY, whose guidelines are established in this document, the Management plans objectives for continuous improvement, providing the necessary resources for its achievement. These objectives will be known by all, and will include a series of concrete actions that all, to the extent that is applicable, must carry out.

Through this document I want to communicate the relevance and importance of the activities of all the personnel of the organization, and that your collaboration is necessary for the achievement of the objectives. For this, it is essential that all personnel comply with all the requirements established through the processes of the System (procedures and instructions), and to immediately report any problems that arise, or any suggestions that may provide a value Added and efficiency to our products and services.

To support the development of the Management System, I commit to the provision of both human and material resources. Personally I will carry out an annual review of the Management System, and I will communicate to all the members of the organization the result regarding the monitoring of the objectives.

The QUALITY AND SAFETY POLICY is appropriate to our purpose, and is based on the following guidelines that are dealt with from two points of view.

On the one hand, from the commitment to the quality of products and services offered to customers, the general guidelines of our organization are as follows:

  1. Perform the design, production and sale of fertilizers ensuring compliance with the requirements of the customer and their satisfaction.
  2. Make a selection of the best raw materials, in order to ensure a product in optimal condition to our customers.
  3. Maintenance of adequate infrastructure to ensure the quality of the product and the safety of workers.
  4. Continuously improve the efficiency of the management system.em>

On the other hand, from the point of view of the prevention of serious accidents, the following guidelines are established::

  1. The protection of the health and safety of its employees, its facilities, as well as that of the community and its environment, is a basic principle for the development of its business activity.
  2. Safety is a function of the Managing Director that must be assumed, led and managed by the workers in their area of responsibility.
  3. Systematically identify potential incidents that may occur related to Safety of activities and integrity of facilities; Its possible causes and consequences will be assessed and it will be equipped with the means and resources necessary to prevent them and mitigate their consequences.
  4. The necessary procedures and instructions are adopted to ensure the safe operation and performance of the facilities and activities respectively.
  5. Your employees will be informed and trained about the risks that their products and productive activity can generate and about the guiding principles, prevention measures, safety systems, operational procedures and established emergency response. It will also inform the competent authority about these risks and will actively collaborate in the prevention of such risks.
  6. There is a commitment for the continuous improvement of the Security that results in the use of the resources that can produce its business activity.
  7. The contractors and subcontractors will be informed about the aspects related to Security and that they apply, in the development of their activities, adequate safety standards.
  8. The effects on security will be evaluated and taken into account in new projects or industrial developments, introducing the necessary systems to effectively protect people, facilities and the environment.
  9. Emergency planning will be undertaken by adopting and implementing procedures to identify foreseeable emergencies according to a systematic analysis, as well as to develop, verify and review emergency plans and provide ad hoc training of affected personnel.
  10. Security objectives will be established and monitored.
  11. The Quality and Security Policy and the Security Management System will be audited and reviewed.

The Management