New trends in the agricultural sector, technical progress in both the development of new fertilizer products, as implantation techniques and new crops, means that every day is more complex and important to establish the type of product to use in our crops for maximum yield and quality at minimum costs..

From MEDIFER, everyday we thoroughly studying this wonderful and complex framework of plant nutrition, in order to meet the different needs that present in crops.

Our Directory includes for each type of product an extensive and detailed information on which we can find:

  • Indicative dose tables for each product.
  • Recommendations for use for each fertilizer.
  • Feature Technical.
  • Introduction to the market of each fertilizer.
  • Product Images.
  • Qualitative characteristics of each family of fertilizers.
Our product lines:


Planets, represents a range of highly specialized fertilizers. Designed to meet the nutritional demands crops and addressed to very demanding farmers on both the quantity and quality of their crops. Products with quality – unbeatable price.


Greenland includes all products of traditional use while combining the new manufacturing techniques to achieve the most favorable results in modern agriculture. These products are divided into two groups:

- Basal dressing
- Cobertera or surface.