The sensitivity to the natural environment, good agricultural practices and other related flows on nature in its entirety, every day we suggest a more stable future full of opportunities, allowing a reduction of fertilizer and other inputs without that means a loss of profitability on the exploitation.

The proper use of fertilizers, means a continued prevention and reduction of pollution and establishing a framework for more sustainable agriculture. It is therefore very important when performing control applications including the following actions:

  • Using precision equipment properly regulated, meeting maximum efficiency and uniformity in the distribution.
  • Do not apply fertilizer in windy or rainy days.
  • Safety margins will be established in waterways or water supply areas for human or animal consumption.
  • The doses of fertilizers shall comply with reasonable production goals, trying to make the applications according to the rate of absorption of crops.
  • In sprinkler irrigation or pivot, fertilizer shall not apply when wind speed is high.

In irrigated crops is recommended:

  • Spread the fertilizer in small doses to increase use efficiency and minimize losses.
  • Carefully check irrigation doses and concentrations of fertilizers in irrigation water, so as to maintain a proper level of nutrients and salinity in wet bulbs.
  • The irrigation technique to ensure efficient use of water as fertigation scheduling should match crop needs throughout their cycle of growth and development, preventing all percolation and runoff losses.
  • The fertigation will start, once you have ensured adequate pressure in the irrigation system, leaving rinse a final time, to prevent leaks and blockages in pipes.
  • In irrigation by surface, furrow irrigation employed, instead of applying blanket irrigation.

Currently in our range as organic fertilizers include the following products:

Venus Bitop V.2

Rich solid fertilizer total microorganisms and nutritional elements. It thereby improves the physical, chemical and biological soil characteristics and produces an increased fertility.

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Urano Organ

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